Current Membership

    Chair - Ed Cole
    Vice Chair -
    Financial Secretary - Brian Walker
    Communications Secretary - Erica Bently

    Members are one of the following: community, ex officio, faculty staff, student.

    Loren Bane (staff)
    [2012-2015; 1st term]
    Student Affairs
    Erica Bently (staff)
    [2011-2014; 1st term]
    Student Affairs
    Ed Cole (staff)
    [2012-2015; 2nd term]
    Health Career Opportunity Program
    Semoa DeSousa-Brown (staff)
    [2010-2013, 1st term]
    Office of International Programs
    Kristen Dieffenbach (faculty)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    Physical Education & Sports Studies
    Kylie Evans (staff)
    [2012-1015, 1st term]
    Student Affairs
    Jessica Ice ( )
    [2012-2015; 1st term]
    Charlie Morris (ex officio)
    Sharon Mallow
    Social Justice
    Alexis McMillen (staff)
    [2012-2015, 1st term]
    Academic Affairs
    Tonya Michael (staff)
    [2011-2014; 1st term]
    WVU Extension
    Anne Oberhauser (Ex-officio) Center for Women's Studies
    Jenny Robbins (staff)
    [2012-15, 1st term]
    HR Dual Career
    Lynne Ryan (community)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    Anna Schein (faculty)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    WVU Libraries
    Carrie Showalter (staff)
    [2011-14, 2nd term]
    Office of Student Life
    Nathalie Singh-Corcoran (faculty)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    Litha Sivanandan ( )
    2012-2015 (1st term)
    Extension Services
    Mollianne Starcher (staff)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    Student Legal Services, Student Life
    Stephanie Toothman (staff)
    [2011-14, 1st term]
    Facilities Management
    Brian Walker (staff)
    [2011-14, 2ndt term]
    Office of Student Life
    Becky Westwood ( )
    [2012-2015; 1st term]
    Human Resources
    Cheryl Williams (staff)
    [2011-2014; 1st term]
    School of Medicine; Student Services
    C. B. Wilson (ex officio) Academic Affairs
    Beth Wyant (staff)
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    Office of Information Technology
    Zia Hilah ( )
    [2010-13, 2nd term]
    University Events



Special Events

placeholderMary Catherine Buswell Award
Recognizing outstanding service to women at West Virginia University.

placeholderMom's Turn To Learn Initiative
An educational fair for non-traditional students.