Links of Interest and Resources

Inclusion of a link on this page does not imply endorsement by West Virginia University, the President's Office for Social Justice, or the WVU Council for Women's Concerns.

Links of Interest*
Association for Women in Science - WV Chapter

Childcare Options in Morgantown Area
Family Friendly Policies & Support at WVU
Lactation Network
Legal Inform
ation and Lawyer Referrals
National Organization for Women
Non-Traditional Student Resource Guide
Sexual Assault Information
Society of Women Engineers
Women's Studies Resource Links

List serves for Employees/Students with Children

The WVU Council for Women’s Concerns (CWC) has two list serves that serve as “virtual” parental networking systems for faculty/staff and students. The list serves are a place for moms and dads to discuss childcare issues, share news and information and connect with others who are dealing with the joys and tribulations of being working parents.

To attain access to the list serve, please send an email to from a WVU email address with no subject and this in the body of the message (no signature):

for faculty list serve:

for student list serve: SUBSCRIBE STUDENTWCHILD Firstname Lastname

President's Office for Social Justice

Council on African & African American Affairs
Council on Sexual Orientation
Social Justice Council

Special Events

placeholderMary Catherine Buswell Award
Recognizing outstanding service to women at West Virginia University.

placeholderMom's Turn To Learn Initiative
An educational fair for non-traditional students.